The following gallery contains some of my digital illustration projects, some of my influences are music, video games, streetart, tatto and streetwear, elements that I have mixed until I get my style, I always try to continue evolving to improve the way of create the illustrations and get more dinamic and enveloping images, I hope you like it.

Bunny"" Bunny
K.O."" K.O.
Keep Keep Moving
Arcade"" Arcade
Wos"" Wos
Lil Lil Miquela
Beanie"" Beanie
I I ain't got time
Adult Adult Swim
Devil"" Devil
Lone Lone Boys Social Club
Citio"" Citio
Baseball"" Baseball
Baseball Baseball Proceso
Poses Poses 2
Taf"" Taf
Poses"" Poses
Daft Daft Punk
Blue Blue World
RedBull RedBull BDG 2019
PumaXAczino"" PumaXAczino
Tyler Tyler the creator
TedX"" TedX
King King of nowere
WakeUp"" WakeUp
Innvictus"" Innvictus
Honey, Honey, no estas
Catrina"" Catrina
Invencible"" Invencible
Beatles"" Beatles
Gera Gera Mx
Lagartos"" Lagartos
Cyberpunk"" Cyberpunk